Fair vote crunch time

I think Canada’s electoral system is broken. I think it unfairly privileges the two major parties (and when the Liberals make a mess of themselves, that includes the NDP). It shuts out important debate and discussion, and marginalizes some of Canada’s greatest politicians, including Elizabeth May of the Green Party.

I think it leaves most Canadians feeling like voting is mostly a waste of their time. Those that still vote, like me, do it more out of a sense of duty or responsibility, rather than hope. I really want to vote with hope.

Of course, I’ve made my views on electoral reform and proportional representation known. I think it is the single most important issue in this election; it is Canada’s first problem, the problem that, if solved, will enable, or make easier, the solving of our other pressing issues.

And now, as the next Federal election draws nearer, it is crunch time. We have an historic opportunity to change Canadian politics, and restore hope for Canadian democracy.

Fair Vote Canada’s Make Every Vote Count campaign has been building momentum over the last couple of years, and as we come to the last year before the election, their Declaration of Voters’ Rights has over 37,000 signatures. Their goal, to make the petition an unstoppable force, is to get at least 100,000 signatures, and to do it by October 19th, which will be exactly one year before the next Federal Election.

Of course it’s hard to think about an election this far in advance, but if we use this time to build enough support to make this a major issue we can, as Fair Vote is fond of saying, Make 2015 the Last Unfair Election. And, wow, does that ever make me feel hopeful!

Check out Fair Vote Canada’s website for more information, to sign the Declaration, and to see all the prominent Canadians supporting electoral reform.

And, yes: Be part of making history!