Five years later...

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the start of my chemotherapy treatments for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It was also Canada day. Why not start chemo on Canada day? Now that I've been done with any kind of treatment for over a year and a half, it's time to start doing what I swore I would do all along: write about my experiences.

Well, this little blogging adventure is all about exploring life after leukemia. It will hopefully answer such pressing questions as: Am I cured? How does my experience compare to others? What the hell do I do with myself now? What can I do to help others? Why do people get leukemia or other cancers? What exactly is the curative power of the T.V. show "Scrubs"? And so on.

Hopefully I will be able to connect with others who have been through this experience, or the loved ones of those who have. It can sometimes be lonely having survived ALL, because it often feels like you're the only one. I knew so many people who didn't survive and not too many that are still with us. Of course, I have not always kept in touch as well as I should, so I should be careful before I paint too sad a story. It's amazing the wonderful people I did meet. It's as if, somehow, getting leukemia is restricted to the most wonderful people in the world. Or perhaps it is, as difficult as it can be, a profoundly transforming experience.

Others might disagree, but I don't feel transformed. And that is something that does bother me. Have I made enough of this opportunity for reinvention and renewal? After all, Lance Armstrong wouldn't trade the transformative experience of cancer for 7 Tour de France wins. What have I missed here?

Maybe my transformation is yet to be complete. I still have so many opportunities. I need to stop wishing and dreaming and talking. Here I go, doing what I don't do very well - taking the first step, actually doing rather than talking. Here's the foundation. Let's see what I build from here. Keep posted. I hope it's an exciting ride!