Ok, I played my cards wrong this time

As I mentioned a few posts ago I am moving my blog to Postach.io from Wordpress, because it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling (that's a good enough reason, right?) I thought I would cross-post a few posts to scroall.wordpress.com since there were a few people following me there. Then I wrote the bit about electoral reform, Fair Vote Canada was kind enough to share it, and all my plans went awry.

You see, while I posted the piece both at withoutleukemia.ca (on Postach.io) and at Wordpress, FVC picked up the one I posted on Wordpress. And LOTS of people read that post (well, lots by my standards, anyway) and some more people "followed" me on Wordpress. So now, rather than gradually moving to a new platform, I have reinforced my presence on the platform I had meant to leave.

Now I have a decision: Do I keep cross-posting to Wordpress to satisfy those who have already found me there? Do I give up this Postach.io adventure and just switch back to Wordpress? Or do I go all-in on Postach.io, and do my best to drag people from Wordpress to my RSS feed, kicking and screaming?

Maybe I need to look into my heart and ask WWSJD (What Would Steve Jobs Do)? I think if I put it that way the answer is clear: Move on, and trust that everyone will deal with it in their own time. After all, it's not like I have a destination blog and hundreds of followers...yet.

In the end, I prefer the idea of people following my blog through RSS, or through me sharing my posts in other forums, rather than relying on "following" on Wordpress which, to me, just seems like another instantiation of a "walled garden" social network (and God knows – he really does – that the last thing we need is another social network island). Until a truly decentralized or federated social network, along the lines of Diaspora, catches on, I'll just have to do my best to keep everyone posted the old fashioned way. Luckily, Postach.io can automatically post to Facebook and Twitter, which will help.

So I'm not going to post full posts on Wordpress anymore. I may continue to post brief posts pointing to withoutleukemia.ca, but withoutleukemia.ca (Postach.io) will be where all the full posts go from now on. I may lose some people in the transition, but I'll just have to accept that as the price of moving forward.

To infinity, and beyond!!