Taking this thing WAY too seriously

I apologize; it's been a very long time.

In the time that I've been gone, I had my stem cell transplant, which went well, and am now more than 130 days post transplant (I'm not really counting anymore). I've lost almost 30 pounds due to a lack of appetite (and a profound lack of interest in hospital food) and the weight doesn't seem to want to come back. I'm a new, svelt me!

I also, as you may have noticed if you dropped by here at all, have not spent much time writing. After a while I began to realize that I had set my expectations too high. I was expecting to fire off all this important stuff, as if I was writing for a giant audience of adoring fans (ahem). Obviously either the radiation, chemo or morphine had left me mildly delusional.

So, despite what I had promised a couple of posts ago, I'm not going to write about anything important for the moment. I mean, I may write about something important, but I am also going to write about whatever I feel like writing about, whenever I feel like writing it. Heck, I've been through so much, I'm not even sure what I'm interested in writing about anymore. I know it seems like my brain needs a bit of a jump start and is operating a little slower than before, so maybe once I get going this will all make more sense.

Until then, hang on and enjoy. I'm sure you'll learn a lot more about me, whether that's good or bad.