"The pain and ecstasy of cycling to the South Pole"

This article is an interesting summary of the first successful cycle to the south pole.

I decided not to ride my ICE trike through the winter this year for a number of reasons, including the difficulty of maintaining and storing an ice-encrusted, slush-splattered trike while living in a third-floor apartment. But after following Maria Leijerstam’s accomplishment this December, I’m thinking riding a trike in the winter might be too much fun to miss.

Chris Parker, Director of Inspired Cycling Engineering is quoted in the ITV piece talking about the trike they built for Maria:

It’s much easier than a mountain bike would be. Because she has got the stability of having three wheels she can ride easily at 1mph, no wobbling about, no trying to keep her balance she will just keep moving. If the hills are steep enough she will have the gears to just power away up them…

It’s interesting that in one of the photo captions they highlight that temperatures on the polar plateau might reach -40C. While we don’t have 100mph winds here, Winnipeg has spent far too much time at temperatures approaching or exceeding -40C this winter.

So maybe I will gear up to ride next winter. I’ll get some fat tires, pedal clips for my boots, and maybe some plastic lining for the closet where the trike lives.