Writing towards a better future

For some time now, I've felt adrift. There hasn't been anything I could look to, consistently, for motivation, energy, or a sense of purpose. There are many things, issues, and ideas that, for brief moments, provide inspiration and energy. Unfortunately those moments most often pass too quickly, replaced by feelings of fatigue and hopelessness. The realities of my daily life, with all its tasks and responsibilities, loudly try to convince me that I just can't have nice things; I just don't have the time and energy.

Lately, I've come to wonder if there is something in those moments of­ inspiration and energy, something that I can draw on to amplify and extend those periods of motivation and focus. The more I return to this thought, the more I've come to appreciate that the periods when I have the most energy and inspiration come when I am engaged with ideas rooted in building towards a healthier, more cooperative, and more inclusive world.

I've also realized, I think, that the fleeting nature of this energy comes from the fact that I'm not regularly connected with people in my life, virtually or in person, that are anywhere near as excited as I am about, or as engaged with, these ideas that I find so exciting. It can be surprisingly disheartening to share something you're very excited about with someone, only to be met with a flat, “that's interesting,” and then...silence.

Part of my strategy to start to move through this in 2022 is to reengage on the internet, not just in any random, meme-sharing, ill-considered opinion-sharing sort of way, but intentionally, and thoughtfully. This blog is part of that strategy. I'm hoping it provides a place where I can share my thoughts and ideas, and learn from, and build on, the thoughts and ideas of others.

I don't pretend to have any answers, but I do have knowledge and experience that might contribute to solutions. I also have lots of questions, some of which will probably be presented as provisional answers, awaiting critique, comment, or reflection. And I do have opinions, some of which are strongly held, but all of which are open to reconsideration, given a strong argument, or compelling facts.

My hope is that, over time, I can start to clarify my thinking, document and flesh-out my ideas, which will hopefully help me focus more intentionally and constructively on the issues and ideas that most energize and inspire me. If anything I'm posting here is useful or inspiring to others, well, that would be even better!